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Based in the Waikato, the goal of HFS Ltd is to assist and support farmers in improving the health of their animals in a gentle, safe, effective, and environmentally-friendly manner.

To achieve this, the team at HFS Ltd has developed a range of BioGro-certified* organic products for farm animals and have delivered seminars, discussions, and introductory talks to farmers all over the country about homeopathy.

HFS provides farmers with a knowledgeable and friendly helpdesk and telephone support service.

Free advice and help is only a phone call away!

All HFS Limited livestock homeopathic products are manufactured and sold according to MPI guidelines and are certified by BioGro, New Zealand’s largest and best-known certifier for organic produce and products. BioGro is officially recognised by the MPI as a third party agency for organic certification and is internationally accredited. BioGro certification guarantees that a product is made without animal testing, genetic modification and the routine use of synthetic pesticides. It is the mark of a genuine organic product.

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Tracey purchased Homeopathic Farm Support in December 2018 and renamed it Homeopathic Farm Services. 

Tracey was born and bred on a dairy farm in the Waikato and has been around dairy farming for most of her life. She left school to go farming and then started her career as a Veterinary Nurse. 

She has farmed alongside her husband and three children for the past 20 years and they are currently share-milking 900 cows. She first started using Homeopathy in 1999 on cows and also on her children with good success which lead her to pursue the study of Homeopathy. She has a ‘Diploma in Homeopathy (Humans) and is currently studying towards her ‘Diploma in Homeopathy’ (Animal Health), which she will complete this year. 




Steph developed an enthusiasm for homeopathy in her teens and has always had a keen interest in the welfare of animals. This led her to seek a career which allowed her to assist in the wellbeing of animals.

She gained a Diploma of Homeopathy (people health) in 2003 and is currently in her fourth year of study towards a Diploma in Homeopathy (animal health).

Steph has been employed by Homeopathic Farm Services (formerly Homeopathic Farm Support) for ten years where she is able to share her learning with others and aid them to better maintain the health of their animals.

Over her time at Homeopathic Farm Services she has been able to use her homeopathic knowledge to meet the demands of clients and create symbiotic working relationships that benefit all involved.




Sue joined HFS in 2009 after returning from the UK. She is part of the team and assists with the company’s office administration and accounts. In earlier years she farmed together with her husband and two children in the Waikato. Outside work Sue enjoys travel and spending time with family including her four grandchildren.







Tineke Verkade – founder of HFS Ltd

Tineke Verkade was born in Holland and immigrated to New Zealand with her family in 1977. She had trained and graduated as a Registered General Nurse with qualifications in Nursing and Tutoring in Nursing. On arrival in New Zealand she worked as a senior staff nurse at Waikato Hospital for 16 years.

Tineke has always had an interest in complementary therapies and whilst continuing to work as a senior staff nurse, she trained and studied at the South Pacific College of Natural Therapies and gained Diplomas in Naturopathy and Medical Herbalism. Concurrently, Tineke studied at the Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy in Tauranga, gaining her Diploma in Classical Homeopathy. She has been in private practice since 1991, and maintains professional registration with the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths (NZCH). Following her Diploma in Classical Homeopathy, she completed an Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy and a Diploma in Homeopathy (Animal Health). Tineke also holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine) degree from Charles Sturt University in Australia.

In 1997 Homeopathic Farm Support Ltd (HFS) was created initially to help Dairy Farmers with the use of homeopathy in a safe and effective way.

HFS received:

A love of working with natural health and the knowledge obtained through many years of medical experience has led Tineke to develop a true respect and understanding of working, in particular with Homeopathy and Herbs in a healing way. Her genuine concern for the overall health of the land, animals and people is the driving force behind Tineke's commitment to natural health methods. Tineke's passion for sharing valuable information and her experience has expressed itself through frequent teaching in the community, at Field Days and Colleges.

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